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Join our merry band of tree hugging volunteers!

We are a passionate group of individuals! Each of us volunteers our time doing things we love to do, to make Dumont a better place. Please join us in any way you feel comfortable. The more the merrier!

Here are some of the ways you can get involved, as these projects are regular and ongoing.

  • Arbor Day Set-up (end of April)

  • Sign distribution and collection (end of April)

  • Gazebo concert help (Wednesdays in July)

  • Tree Nursery Weeding (every 2 weeks during growing season)

  • Tree Nursery Watering (as needed)

  • Arboretum:

    • Mulching (once/year)

    • Weeding (every 2 weeks during growing season)

    • trash pickup (every 2 weeks year round)

Please send an e-mail:

Ray Slaman, DSTC President

Bill Zitelli, Arboretum Manager

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