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Dumont Shade Tree Nursery
Caring for Trees for Today, Planting Trees for Tomorrow


Ray Slaman, NJ LTE #710

In the fall of 2017 The DSTC established our nursery at "Arboretum North" along the railroad tracks on Sunset Street just north of New Milford Avenue. Here we will grow trees from saplings in a pot-in-pot arrangement. This method enables us to easily remove trees when they are large enough for planting, typically about 4 to 8 feet height and 2 inches caliper. We will grow a variety of trees with a preference for native species of shade trees. We will also grow ornamental trees, fruit trees, or other varieties on occasion. 

We will distribute trees to homeowners that can be planted on public as well as private property based on Shade Tree Commission guidelines.


We will also accept donated trees from homeowners who have trees that have outgrown their present locations and are looking for a new home. A"tree orphanage" as it were. We will nurture these trees and find suitable homes in the borough where they can have a long and productive life.


The Dumont Shade Tree Nursery was conceived not just as a place to grow trees that can be planted in the borough, but an incubator promoting responsible environmental stewardship. We will invite school students, environmental groups, and the community at large to participate in educational programs hosted at the DSTC Nursery. 

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