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October 21, 2021, Cherry Hill, NJ -- Dumont Shade Tree Commission founding members Ray and Abbie Slaman (pictured below with Carrie Sargent and Mike Martini of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection–Urban and Community Forestry) accept the 2021 Urban & Community Forestry Achievement Award at the NJ Shade Tree Federation Conference Awards Banquet. The prestigious award recognizes entities who have greatly contributed to the field of urban and community forestry in New Jersey. From developing programs such as Adopt-a-Tree, where over 1000 trees were planted in Dumont, each one “adopted” and cared for by a Dumont resident, to presenting school-based programs to Dumont’s children promoting tree education and protection, the volunteers of the Dumont Shade Tree Commission act as stewards of Dumont’s trees, having not only a positive impact on the trees, but also on the quality of life in the Borough and on the health of the planet.

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